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Frequently Asked Questions

Key Collection

Prior to your arrival, you will receive detailed instructions for the key collection of your holiday property.

Key collection at a later time is usually possible, provided an agreement for late pickup has been made in advance and any applicable fees have been paid.

Key Handover Requirements

Key handover will only be performed upon presentation of the original rental confirmation and a valid photo ID.


The holiday property must be vacated by 10 AM on the day of departure. Late checkout must be arranged and confirmed in advance with the owner or us.

Rentals to Groups

Our primary focus is on families and couples. Youth groups, defined as groups of at least six individuals, the majority of whom are under 21 years old (with some properties having a higher age limit as specified on our website), are required to identify themselves as such at the time of booking.

Age limit

Yes. For youth groups as defined above, identification at the time of booking is required. Failure to disclose this information may result in refusal of the group and termination of the rental agreement without a refund. Additional restrictions on group composition may apply, as detailed in the property description on our website. Tenants must comply with all listed restrictions and conditions.

Tents and Trailers

Erecting tents or parking trailers or similar vehicles on the property is strictly prohibited unless expressly agreed upon with us or the owner.

Exceeding Guest Limits

Occupancy must not exceed the number specified on our website and in the rental contract. This applies to overnight and day guests. Exceeding this number, or setting up tents/trailers, grants us and/or the property owner the right to evict surplus guests without prior notice. Failure to comply within 12 hours will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement without further notice or refund.


While pets are not allowed in some properties, we cannot guarantee the absence of pets prior to your stay. No liability is assumed for allergic reactions or asthma attacks due to previous pet presence.

Internet Access

Internet access is provided by the property owner for recreational purposes and is subject to availability and network conditions. Use must comply with applicable laws.

Smoking Policy

Smoking inside the property is strictly prohibited. A fee of 1,000 EUR will be charged for violations, with additional charges for damages exceeding this amount. Smoking outdoors may be permitted in some properties, as detailed in each property description.

Reservation Confirmation

A reservation becomes binding once a deposit of 30% of the total price is received within 48 hours of booking.

Payment Terms

The first payment of 30% of the total rental price is due immediately after booking and must be received within 2 days. The remaining 70% must be paid at least 35 days before the rental period begins. For bookings made less than 30 days before the rental start, the full amount is due immediately after booking.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation protection applies if the rental cannot be used or its use is significantly impaired due to reasons such as death, acute illness, serious injury requiring hospitalization, or similar situations affecting the person named in the rental contract or their immediate family members. Detailed information on this topic will be provided with the order confirmation. Contact us immediately by phone for assistance.

Amendments and Cancellations

Any cancellation or modification must be made by phone or in writing and becomes effective on the day we receive it. Specific cancellation fees apply, detailed in our terms, depending on the booking date and the size of the property. We accept booking transfers to another tenant under certain conditions and may charge a handling fee of 100 EUR, waived if covered by our risk protection.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Charging is only permitted if the property is equipped with a charging station, as charging from a standard outlet can cause overheating and damage. A fee may apply for charging, as indicated in the property description.

Security Deposit

A security deposit may be required as a guarantee against damages or insufficient cleaning. The amount varies based on the property’s size, amenities, and furnishings, and can be found on our website or in the order confirmation. Increased deposits may be required for certain groups, with specific conditions available on our website.

Cleanliness Upon Departure

Tenants are required to leave the property tidy and thoroughly cleaned, similar to the condition upon arrival. Optional cleaning services may be available for a fee. Specific cleaning tasks must be completed before departure, with additional cleaning charges applicable for insufficient cleaning or disorderly conditions left by the tenant.


Please reach us by phone or email at [email protected] for any issues.

Role of Vacation-Properties?

The property is owned by the homeowner, and we provide it on their behalf. If unforeseen circumstances prevent the execution of a rental contract, such as foreclosure or breach by the homeowner, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and refund any payments made, or offer a similar property at our discretion.

This structured and detailed FAQ aims to address common queries in a clear and professional manner, ensuring that all parties are well-informed about the terms and conditions of their holiday property rental.

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